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30000mAh Solar Power Bank Universal Dual USB Power bank

3 in 1 Solar Power Bank Charger is perfect for the Hiking, Biking, camping, trekking, running lover in us all

Multipurpose:This Solar Power Bank Charger is not only a charger but can be used as a light, and a compass as well!

Durable & Lightweight: You can charge 2 devices at once with dual usb outlets Very Durable and Lightweight Waterproof for the rainy days Uses the sunlight to charge through the solar panel, no electricity needed.

Colors: 30000mAH solar power bank is available in black, orange, yellow, green and blue color

Output Interface: Double USB
Battery Capacity: 30000mAh
Weight: 255g
Size:5.43 * 3.01 * 0.75 inch

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