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Gas burner camping stove

Main Features

This stove is built with titanium construction that is corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and super light.

Connect all panels together by each side which will just take seconds to complete. Cook a meal with easy-to-find, unlimited fuels like wood, twigs, branches, leaves and paper to cook a meal wherever you set up your camp, no chemical emissions, no carbon footprint.

Fold the stove flat and stuff it in a pocket or backpack to start a low-carbon travel. Features: Titanium construction guarantees extreme durability as well as minimal weight.

Wide opening design for convenient adding wood and improved air flow, higher burning efficiency.

Cross-stand trivet creates a stable cooking platform for any pot size. Easy to set up and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, twigs, branches, leaves.

With Ignition Device or Not: Included
Disposable: No
Model: WSS-207
Fuel: Butane
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: <5
Applicable Seasoning Type: Gas
Structure: SPLIT
Number of Users: 3-5
Application Method: manual
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor

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