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Mosquito Proof Net Canopy

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The tent is suitable for outdoor activities for a family or a large group. The occupancy is over 10. The complete set includes a sun shelter, a set of windbreak sheets (4 pieces), a set of mosquito net(4 pieces), and an inner tent. The sun shelter can be used separately, it is the frame. However, windbreak sheet, mosquito net, and inner tent are all accessories for the sun shelter, they cannot be used separately. Depending on how buyers would use the sun shelter. If you only use it in the daytime, you could just order a sun shelter, if the wind is big or sunlight is strong, we suggest you could order a set of windbreak sheet. However, if you use it in the night, we recommend you to order mosquito net set. For the inner tent, you could order it only because you need to sleep overnight inside the sun shelter, you can hang up-to 4 inner tents inside the sun shelter.

Area: 17.64sqm
Number of Users: 8+

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