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Powerful LED Headlight headlamp 5LED T6 8000lumens Flashlight

Main Features:

  • LIGHT THE WAY – Never get left in the dark with the headlamp flashlight! This ultra-bright,20000 lumens headlamp features XML T6+4Q5 Head Lamp Powerful Led Headlight
  • ALL-WEATHER READY – You’re prepared for anything, and your gear should be, too! head lamps are built to withstand all work and weather conditions, from extreme heat to bone-chilling cold. Plus, the air-tight rubber sealing protects the LED headlamp rechargeable battery from dust, ice, and water, for ultimate dependability.
  • AMERICAN DESIGN, ENGINEER TESTED – Looking for a durable, long lasting, Cree headlamp? bright headlamp is in a class of its own! Designed in the USA to meet the highest engineering standards, this 20000 lumen headlamp features 4 light modes and a 90-degree adjustable lamp head. Easily change your focus from broad illumination to a narrow, long-range beam, and cast a bright and powerful light exactly the way you need it.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT – This head lamp isn’t just tough, it’s also designed for maximum comfort. Enjoy temperature control, thanks to the sweat-resistant headband. And with the adjustable sizing, it’ll be the only waterproof headlamp you’ll need - from your lantern while camping in the great outdoors, to a hard hat light, to a bike helmet light, and beyond!

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