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Rescue Thermal Mylar Blanket

This emergency solar sleeping bag retains 90% of body heat and protects from hypothermia in an emergency or survival situation. Made from a NASA designed mylar material, it can be used by itself in an emergency or as a shell over a regular sleeping bag. This lightweight and compact thermal sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking, hunting, camping or any other wilderness adventure. Keep them in your emergency preparedness kit for home and your car for winter travel.

  • Provides emergency warmth.
  • NASA designed material used in space exploration.
  • Emergency protection from cold and rain.
  • Windproof and waterproof.
  • 24um Thick Aluminized OPP Film
  • Will not crack, mildew or shrink.
  • Reusable.
  • Can be cut apart to make 2 emergency blankets.
  • Size: 84" x 72" (used as a blanket) or 84" x 36" (used as a sleeping bag)
  • Package Size: 3" W x 1.5" D x x 5" H

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